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Your laundry can say a lot about you.

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

After you read this, I hope you will never look at your laundry the same again. Here's why...

Laundry! Let's just say it was my 'chore' as a teenager...but it felt more like a punishment, lol. To this day, I don't like folding clothes. But, something happened recently that changed my mindset. I have a habit of washing my clothes separately from my family members to avoid some 'oops moments' of things coming out of the dryer that are shrunk, stained, or even missing! As I was folding one afternoon, I suddenly noticed what I was folding. It actually revealed some key things about me that day!

  • I'd been working out multiple times over the past week... finally

  • I'd worn some nicer things, i.e. I left the house to socialize or do something other than just errands.

  • I'd been outside to work on our property, take 'exercise' walks, and enjoy the fresh air.

  • I really needed to replace a few things that were a bit 'tired' or didn't make me feel good or reflect my intended style.

Here's a comment from a mom that summed up what I would call: a 'boring-laundry-basket-full-of-nothing-special-for-her'.

"I can't remember the last time I did anything for myself. I'm so tired. I spend so much time taking care of everyone else, I've let myself go. I don't know who I really am any more."

It's never too late to start taking care of you, too.

As we all have heard many times while on an airplane, 'put the mask on yourself first, then on your child'. Sounds soooo counter to what we, as mothers, would want to do. But, it makes sense. If you have no oxygen, then what good will you be for your child? An empty tank of emotional fuel doesn't get you putt along with the 'red light' on your emotional and physical dashboard, ignoring the warning. And the ones you take care of may not notice or tell you to 're-fuel'. You need to love yourself enough to do this for you - for them. Confession: I used to think I was being selfish to 'do' for myself: to buy things occasionally for myself instead of my daughter, to spend some time alone instead of always with her, to socialize with friends on a Saturday, to take on a new hobby, etc. THEN...when I became a coach, I had a big mindshift! I realized that if I take care of my needs, dreams, plans and goals, it gives me MORE energy and enthusiasm to help others do the same! What do you need to change to make your 'laundry basket' look different now? What's ONE thing you could pick today to start taking care of yourself? Just. Pick. One. Picking too many things can cause us to go into "overwhelmed-overdrive". Then, nothing gets done. Back to square one.

Action Step Ideas for This Week:
  • Observe what your laundry is saying about you

  • What activity needs to be added in?

  • What activity needs to be limited?

  • What items need to be thrown away, donated or replaced?

  • What's one thing you could change that would make you feel like you are nurturing your plans/goals/needs this week?

Please let me know how you have taken action. You got this!

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