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What a waste!

Well, there’s been an unexpected, positive byproduct of recent, unpleasant circumstances in my life - Maybe yours too? The common factor in my “aha” - wasting.

Has the staggering increase in the price of food and (pretty much EVERYthing else) made you less wasteful? It sure has for me.


I humbly confess, I used to throw away leftovers that could have been eaten one more day; and tossed food that sat in the refrigerator too long just because I didn’t take the time to peel it, or chop it up, or cook it sooner. NO more.

Fortunately , this new habit of using as much of everything has also filtered into other areas in my life besides food.


I no longer sit with my car running idle chatting on the phone in a parking lot, or in my own driveway - anyone else done this?


I no longer buy a new item until I’ve used up the old one - haircare, skin care, etc.


  • I look in my closet, drawers, jewelry box, shoe rack and realize I don’t really need that new “xyz” right now.

  • I also think twice about popping on Amazon to pick up something I want, but may not exactly need, right then - I can just as easily put that item in the ‘save for later’ cart.

  • I’ve also researched and found some wonderful things that are a much better price-point that meet with my organic, non-toxic, healthier requirements - for skincare, for body, for hair, for laundry, for home cleaning, supplements and more.

  • I renewed my Costco membership after a few years lapse. Even with just the two of us, I still save money of items we eat, can freeze and use frequently. (Don’t shop hungry though, lol)


With the unprecedented events of 2020 and carrying into 2021, it’s been an awakening for many (myself included) regarding the preciousness of time. Time spent with your friends, family, community, pets, and doing things you love has become more important and more intentional. (Spending less time on social media and watching the news)


I’m talking mental energy. Wasting time thinking about things that really don’t matter. Things that you cannot change; even people who get on your nerves - you can’t change them either. We can only changes ourselves. I learned that many years ago - the hard way.

And here’s a biggie…wasting time regretting the past or worrying about today - or the future.


Good health is a gift. I’ll go further to say, it’s a gift you give yourself. What we eat, how much we move our bodies, how we process stress, what medications we take, how much sleep we get, how we manage relationships in our lives…all can positively or adversely effect our health.

And once wasted, it can be a hard road to get it back…but it can be done.

Where I waste has been an eye-opener for me. I hope this blog will help you to think about your own lives - to help you be more mindful and enjoying your life to its fullest; knowing you are being a good steward of all that’s given to you.

Action Item to take this week:

What are you wasting and where could you make those changes? It’s never too late to start.

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