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Do you see your glass half-full or half-empty?

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Take care of your perspective.

When you are hit with disturbing news/events, or have important choices that you have to make, or in a situation that requires looking at other options. . . how do you view it?

I've said for years 'I'm a glass half-full kind of a girl.' Now in saying that, am I always feeling that way? Of course not; we are fallible human beings that swing on a pendulum that goes from one end to the other at certain moments (or seasons) of our lives. However, I've discovered the half-full mindset has served me well all my life.

I see the 'half-full' equivalent to hope for today and hope for the future. When we look at the situation this way, we have a sense of optimism. What does optimism do for us? It can fuel our will to move through whatever it is that seems less than optimal for us at the time; it helps us to not get stuck in our immediate emotions, which can sabotage forward movement to something more positive in our lives.

Stepping back and taking a pause in the moment can also help us to be grateful for what we have right then"

Eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to hold, food to eat, clothes to wear, hearts to love, resources to help us when we feel helpless.

The practice of seeing things 'half-full' can be done in our daily lives; in little things too.

For examples: you have plans to go somewhere and it starts raining. Take it from someone who has lived through an awful drought that killed livestock, gorgeous trees and livelihoods that depended on rain. Rain is important! But, even if you live in an urban area, it's also great for trees, plants, and flowers to grow for beatification and to provide nutrients that we need in the air as well. Beneficial animals/bugs in nature also need rainwater to drink and thrive. Rain can cool down the temperature on a blistering hot day. It makes things appear greener, cleaner, and more alive. It may seem to put a damper on your plans . . . but there's a positive side to seeing it. Grab your umbrellas and rainbows, put a smile on your face and be assured, it won't be raining for '40 days and 40 nights,' lol.

When we practice this with little things, it creates habits for when the big stuff comes our way.

Let's say you are in a tight situation financially and are worried about money. Many of us have been there. Seeing the glass 'half-full' would look something like this:

How am I going to buy food with the prices so high and my money is limited?

  • If you have a neighbor or family member who is a member of Costco or Sam's, perhaps you could split the cost of a multipack or jumbo size of a product?

  • You can grow things in pots and small patches of land. I am growing squash in the small memorial garden for a few beloved pets (may sound weird, but it's so beautiful and it represents new life in a place that once was home to sadness). Also growing along a fence line - cucumbers; whatever it takes to provide fresh, organic food (from seeds).

A few more examples:

  1. What about clothes for the kids? Resale shops, clothes swap with friends with children, garage sales. I like this resale site I've used for years - huge selection and great prices and customer service: thredUP.

  2. What about my bills? CALL the vendors of the bills that are due. Authenticity and honesty go a long way. I've worked out large medical bill payments with vendors in the past. If you pay a little something each month, it doesn't hurt your credit. Especially since Covid, I've seen many vendors clearly state on their websites about calling them if you need help (speak to a live person on the phone - no email- they need to hear your emotional appeal).

I ran across the quote below and thought:

that's a great way to focus positively on your future options and choices

See the glass half full...then fill it the rest of the way.

Your Action Steps For This Week:

  • When something happens, pause and ask yourself "am I seeing this from a place of: half full or half empty"

  • Look at your options 'outside the box'

  • Stop and think of even the littlest things to be grateful for that went well that day.

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