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Good idea, but I'll smell like a salad!

You never know when someone will come into your life; a like-minded soul who also cares about something that really interests you. It seems that I've found a new friend who I can talk to about all kinds of 'crazy' health-related prevention methods and illness remedies.

Just a bit of background

I've grown up with parents who are very healthy and taken good care of themselves as role models. Both parents have been an inspiration to me to strive to look my best and be healthy inside and out.

My mother was particularly instrumental in helping me understand the value of 'food as medicine' at an early age. I have watched her over many years to basically 'cure' herself of various conditions and illnesses by modifying her dietary habits. So, when I became a mother, I was especially interested in the health of my own child and passing along important advice. My daughter had very little sugar or fast food aka Happy Meals for the better part of age 0 through 5 , or older. Because of this, she was seldom sick with the typical things children pick up from their playmates...a very healthy child.

I started getting serious about vitamins and supplements when I met a woman over 20 years ago at a scrapbooking retreat - of all places. She was always drinking water out of an extra large container and took at handful of vitamins with each meal. She was like a walking encyclopedia on the benefits of supplementation. Immediately after that, I started looking at where my deficiencies were and what I needed to take to increase my energy, focus on long-term heart health, improve my skin and hair, balance out my digestive system, etc.

Since then, I've read volumes of articles, books and had many discussions about how to avoid taking over-the-counter and prescription medications through preventing issues - if at all possible. It went from curiosity, to a 'hobby', then years later to a profession as a Life/Health Coach.

So what about the salad?

Yes, the 'salad thing' as I mentioned in the title of the blog. I met a woman at church who was about 20 years older than me. She did not look at all like a woman in her age bracket...beautiful skin, a fit size 6 and full of energy. I asked her about

'her secret' to her vibrant appearance, and the one bit of advice she gave me was to "take detox baths". I love baths, and have used Epsom salt to detox the body. It comes in various scents, relatively inexpensive and does help. You can get a large bag for a good price at Walmart...worth a try, trust me.

However, I had not heard of using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in the bath as my friend suggested. If you Google apple cider vinegar, you will see there are many many benefits to it. I'll actually drink a few teaspoons a mixed with water and fresh lemon to give me a boost.

So.... I poured a cup of the ACV into my bath....and had a nice soak. Afterwards, I smelled like vinegar...but a little But, here is the finishing friend says that rubbing oil (like a lotion) really makes your skin super soft after the bath. But, not just any kind of needs to be extra virgin olive oil. now I smell like vinegar and oil... a salad! Well, I'll take that over a visit to the doctor any day!

OH the things we do for beauty and longevity. Not sure what my limits are at this point, but no matter, it will be an adventure to try new things the natural way!

What do you do to relax or unwind that is both healthy and enjoyable? When was the last time you did that?

Action Step Ideas:

  1. Try an Epsom Salt bath...add a bit of essential oil, like lavender, for relaxation?

  2. Try a bath with apple cider vinegar?

  3. What can you do to relax and unwind that would be enjoyable and healthy?

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